Shatterpoints speculation.

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Shatterpoints speculation.

Post by SansFinalGuardian on Fri Aug 18, 2017 1:54 am

this shatterpoint thing sounds a lot like a product of time travel. it has to be true because otherwise... paradox. huh. that explains a lot, actually. so, suppose if the thing doesn't happen, something causes a paradox and the timeline collapses. that leaves just the timelines in which the event happened, making it look like the event is certain to happen. anthropic principle 101.

maybe it's based on someone sending a message back in time? so if the message says 'This and this will happen' then they go ahead and try to do the thing, and if it doesn't happen then they cause a paradox. the reason i favour this idea is because people can twist, find loopholes in and generally dance around the meanings of words, similar to what __RSPTN__ describes.



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